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My change of Heart...




Sooo, I should preface this by letting you know that I love to eat.  I mean, I am REALLY into food, and all things pertaining to food.  From baking to seasonings to The Food Network to dining out to eating late at night to smoothies to- well, you get the picture.  My boyfriend says my whole face goes into Escapee-From-The-Mental-Ward-style when I see a plate of meatballs.  And my FAVORITE thing to eat?  My whole life it was always the same thing: Steak.  Yes, Steak with a capital S.  All products cow I should say.  I mean braise it, fry it, grill it, or wrap it up in toilet paper, I will eat me some B to the EEF. 


Until about a month ago. 


One day as I was blissfully perusing the cookbooks at Barnes and Noble (one of my favorite food-loving activities) on a relaxing Sunday evening, I noticed a vegan cookbook.  On the cover was a picture of a woman sitting on the grass next to this enormous cow and she's cradling it's head in her lap.  That cow looked like a giant dog.  And as people who know me for more than 10 minutes find out, I LOVE DOGS.  I mean, really, I LOVE dogs.  In fact, I love all animals. 


So, I got really upset in the middle of the bookstore seeming I'm sure like some kind of PMS-ing teenager and realized that I just couldn't do it anymore.  I could not eat the flesh of those animals anymore. 


It was the end of An Era.


I mean, it's not like I didn't realize that I love animals while I was chowing down on them.  It's just that I did what I think a lot of animal-loving carnivores do:  compartmentalize.  I mean there are short ribs and cheeseburgers, and then there are cows.  There are carnitas and ham sandwiches, and then there are pigs.  You see what I'm saying.  In that moment however, they stopped being separate for me. 


For all you meat-eaters out there, I am not trying to convert you, and I am certainly not condemning you.  I did spend many years relishing the taste of meat, gnawing off bones and even eating it raw!  And honestly, for now anyway, I'm still eating fish.  I'm easing into this.


So that's my change of heart, Peeps.  Lots of fruit and veggies, and I am now a meat-free individual.  I love animals, and I just don't want them murdered on my plate.  The mammals anyway.


And those are my thoughts right now.






My LA Journey....


Hi, there.  My name is Bianca.  I'm an actress living in Los Angeles who's transplanted herself from the east coast.  I'm just chasing the dream, ya know?  I am here to express my opinions and experiences involving...well all things, really.  Auditions, acting class, friends, relationships, fitness, diet, my dog, politics, whatevs!  Whatever the issue of the moment is. I tend to have a lot of opinions so… let’s see how this goes! 


Stay tuned......


Bianca :o)

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